Water Heater Problems Call a Plumber

Water Heater Problems

One thing about my husband is that he loves taking hot showers. He is very active and he says that they make him feel better. He takes two a day. I am not complaining. At least he likes to stay clean is the way I look at it. I love having a good smelling man! Just a few months ago I was getting a little annoyed with my husband and his showers. He is always the first one up. So he gets the first shower of the day and every time it was time for me to get a shower we had no hot water. At first, I really did not think much of it. I thought if I just wait a little longer than I would be ok for a shower. Well, after a few days I knew that something was wrong and it was not my hubby.

The Best Plumber to Call

Once we figured out that something was wrong I knew it was time for a plumber. Like always, I knew who the best plumber to call. So I did just that. He came out and looked at our water heater. Sure enough, we had a heating element that was bad. So we had half the hot water than normal. It only took him 15 minutes to fix.

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