Having Water Damage Means a new Roof

That morning when my husband woke up to water being in the kitchen was a nightmare. That is no way anyone ever wants to start their day. Luckily my past experience in real estate I knew who to call for the water damage. They fixed the water damage we had in the house and found where the leak was at. They recommended a roofing company to me. I knew some of the people there but I already knew who I wanted to call. It was not the roofing company they told me about. They did great fixing the water damage and I knew they would since I had worked with them in the past.

We had a good many of the shingles get blown off from that storm. We had no way of knowing that our roof was in bad shape. He said that there was a recall in some of the material that they used back then. Even I did not know that. I guess that is what happens when you are out of the game awhile. The roofing company I used also put the roof on the house. So they fixed us up free of charge since there had been a recall. See how everything works out! That would not have happened if I used the other company.

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