One Rainy Night and a Morning of Water Damage

One Rainy Night

I have always loved rainy nights. Just the sound of the rain hitting your roof and window. It is very relaxing and calming. My husband is a fan too. Pretty much everyone I know loves going to bed when it is raining outside. Why? Because that means good sleep for that night! That is one thing that I love to death is my sleep. My husband is an early riser. I am not. I like sleeping in. That is one perk of retiring early. Every day is Saturday. Definitely, now since the kids are older and can drive. This one rainy night we all went to bed sleeping great but woke up to something else.

A Morning of Water Damage

My husband, as always, was the first one up. This morning was different, though. He was waking me up and telling me to come in the kitchen. I was a little ill because I was having one of those dreams that seemed so real. When I walked into the kitchen I could not believe my eyes. We had a major leak somewhere and the first thing I thought of was water damage. I knew many of the best water damage companies around. So I immediately called one that morning. We were lucky that it was somewhere we could see. So the water damage was very small. It could have been a lot worse.

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