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Water Heater Problems Call a Plumber

June 26, 2016 Erik Ortiz 0

Water Heater Problems One thing about my husband is that he loves taking hot showers. He is very active and he says that they make him feel better. He takes two a day. I am not complaining. At least he likes to stay clean is the way I look at it. I love having a good smelling man! Just a few months ago I was getting a little annoyed with my husband and his showers. He is always the first one up. So he gets the first shower of the day and every time it was time for me to get a shower we had no hot water. At first, I really did not think much of it. I thought if I just wait a little longer than I would be ok for a shower. Well, after a few days I knew that something was wrong and it was not my hubby. The Best Plumber to Call Once we figured out that something was wrong I knew it was time for a plumber. Like always, I knew who the best plumber to call. So I did just that. He came out and looked at our water heater. Sure enough, we had a heating element that was bad. So we had half the hot water than normal. It only took him 15 minutes to fix.

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Having Water Damage Means a new Roof

June 23, 2016 Erik Ortiz 0

That morning when my husband woke up to water being in the kitchen was a nightmare. That is no way anyone ever wants to start their day. Luckily my past experience in real estate I knew who to call for the water damage. They fixed the water damage we had in the house and found where the leak was at. They recommended a roofing company to me. I knew some of the people there but I already knew who I wanted to call. It was not the roofing company they told me about. They did great fixing the water damage and I knew they would since I had worked with them in the past. We had a good many of the shingles get blown off from that storm. We had no way of knowing that our roof was in bad shape. He said that there was a recall in some of the material that they used back then. Even I did not know that. I guess that is what happens when you are out of the game awhile. The roofing company I used also put the roof on the house. So they fixed us up free of charge since there had been a recall. See how everything works out! That would not have happened if I used the other company.

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One Rainy Night and a Morning of Water Damage

June 19, 2016 Erik Ortiz 0

One Rainy Night I have always loved rainy nights. Just the sound of the rain hitting your roof and window. It is very relaxing and calming. My husband is a fan too. Pretty much everyone I know loves going to bed when it is raining outside. Why? Because that means good sleep for that night! That is one thing that I love to death is my sleep. My husband is an early riser. I am not. I like sleeping in. That is one perk of retiring early. Every day is Saturday. Definitely, now since the kids are older and can drive. This one rainy night we all went to bed sleeping great but woke up to something else. A Morning of Water Damage My husband, as always, was the first one up. This morning was different, though. He was waking me up and telling me to come in the kitchen. I was a little ill because I was having one of those dreams that seemed so real. When I walked into the kitchen I could not believe my eyes. We had a major leak somewhere and the first thing I thought of was water damage. I knew many of the best water damage companies around. So I immediately called one that morning. We were lucky that it was somewhere we could see. So the water damage was very small. It could have been a lot worse.

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I have 99 Problems and Real Estate is not One

June 17, 2016 Erik Ortiz 0

I have one the best lives anyone could ask for. I am not bragging at all. I know that I am very blessed and that it all can be taken away with a blink of an I. After working for about 15 years in the real estate business I was able to call it quits. You can say I was pretty good at what I did for a living. I loved my job. It was a very hard decision when I quit and retired very early. My family was much more important than working. Why work when you do not have to right? I am here to tell you what I think a really good real estate agent should sound like. Being very successful in that field I want to help others out there still. That is one of the main reasons why I started my blog. One thing you should always look for in a really good real estate agent or real estate company is trust. You have to find someone that you trust dearly. Like in any career field, there are some bad ones out there that will take advantage of you. I have seen it happen before. If you start seeing signs that you do not trust your real estate agent. Then it is time to move on.